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Brasserie Dupont

The Brewery

It began in 1920 when an agriculture engineer, Louis Dupont, had plans to purchase a farm in Canada but Alfred, his father stopped his emigration dreams by buying Rimaux-Deridder brewery/farm in Tourpes. His father purchased it for him and this brewery used to brew traditional seasonal drinks like saison and “Bière de Miel”, a honey beer.

In 1964, Sylva, a real visionary and a cousin of Louis who was working in brewery since 1945, started managing the brewery. He worked with Roger Lanneau and introduced an innovative generation of equipment for bottling. This was a real breakthrough because it reduced the oxidation of beer. The brewery continued the growth momentum under the sons of Sylva (Marc and Claude) also. Since 1992, it is exporting and in 2015, 2 million liters beer was produced and from it 40 percent was exported to countries like Japan, USA, Italy, Canada, France, Netherlands, Great Britain and Denmark.

The Brewing

At Dupont, traditional yeast basins having rectangular shape and flat bottom are used. The fermentation process is set in motion with a distinctive house yeast which further converts the sugar in wort into carbon dioxide and alcohol. After approximately five days, the process is stopped and the mixture is cooled down. This ensures that little residual sugar is contained in beer.

This chilled beer now matures in storage tank for around a week or longer. The remaining yeast in fermentation tank is utilized during next brew. After maturity, the beer is again centrifuged prior to pumping in the larger tank. Before bottling, sugar content is checked and if required, liquid sugar and new yeast is added and the new in-bottle fermentation is started.

The Brewers

The Dupont’s management is under Olivier Dedeycker who is the fourth generation of Dupont’s dynasty. He follows the tradition and adheres local roots of Dupont. The focus always remains to brew small quantity of superior-quality beer rather than large quantity of poor one. The characteristic taste of the beer from Dupont is preserved by heating the kettle over a flame. A moderately caramelized wort is produced which contributes to the complex character of beer. To get the best quality, Brassier Dupont has invested in bottling machinery and the beers here undergo the process of re-fermentation.

The beers are Saison Dupont and Moinette Bio.

The Visit

There are all the charms in Tourpes which a country village of Belgium should have. On first Saturday of every month, tours are managed by guides who know and speak French, Dutch and English. The visitors will see a gas burner’s naked flame and over it, a boiling kettle. This traditional technique is not the only thing to see. You can see Ducasse parade in the month of August, Church of St. Waltrude, clock tower, and the former mines which are now museums.

If you will go by a car from Brussels, it will take an hour. You can also take the ‘RaVel’ or ‘slow cycling route’. Dupont also produces delicious cheese and there are many local inspirations to get this best cheese.


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