Brewery Slaapmutske

A surprising beer with a unique flavour

Dany De Smet, a brewery engineer started brewing beer in 1992 with his wife. On the occasion of his son's birth in 1999, a 9% special amber beer was brewed that fell well with the family and acquaintances. De Smet decided to adjust the recipe, set up a beer company and brought his first beer Slaapmutske winter beer (reddish brown, 6%) on the local market at the end of 2000.

In March 2001, Sleepmutske blonde followed, and in early 2002 the third beer was on the market, Sleepmutske tripel.

The beers are brewed at The Tasting Brewery at Hijfte . In May 2004, the first beers were exported to The Netherlands and later that year to South Africa. In the years to come, more and more beers were exported to more and more countries.

For Spain, only Slaapmutske Dry Hopped Lager was produced in 2007. In January 2009, the first Sleepmutske Bio Tripel was marketed, first exclusively for France, later also for Belgium and other countries.

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