Bruges Beer Festival – A perfect Mix Of Art And Culture

A huge sculpture of man created with beer crates – Beer lovers can’t expect a better view while entering the city. This is a special artwork by Philip Lavens for 9th Bruges Beer Festival and can be viewed while entering Beurshal on Hauwerstraat.

During this festival, there are around 20 places where one can stop and watch the beer artwork. In Belgium, Bruges Beer Festival is amongst the biggest but this festival is also a great way to let the world know about Bruges’ history, creativity and celebration art.

Bruges Beer Festival

This festival displays a lot of artwork which was not known to the world earlier. One such artwork is of André De Meulemeester who was once the owner of Brouwerji Aigle Belgica. He was also a painter and piano music composer. All his art work is securely held by his daughter who is 90 years old. His complete collection of more than 2,000 paintings was unknown to the world until shown in Bruges Beer Festival 2 years back.

His artwork is not limited to feature on tasting tumblers around the festival, but government has also launched postage stamps which features his paintings. In the famous brewery, Brouwerij Aigle Belgica, when people buy starters, beers and tokens, they also receive a postcard at the festival. People write a message to their friends or family and the Brewery posts it for free with the art stamps on it.

Beer, Art and Music

There are many people around the world who are in different occupation but their combined love for Beer, Art and Music brings them to the Bruges Beer Festival. Here, many such people can be found performing and beside these real performers, some celebrity performers also love to attend Bruges Beer Festival.

Ten Years – Such Popularity Very Less Time

It was October of 2006 when first Bruges Beer Festival happened. It gained so much popularity and visitors that few years back, the venue was shifted to Beurshal from Halletoren’s Belfry. Each year, more and more number of visitors attend this festival and maximum number of tourists come here on Saturday while locals prefer coming on Sunday.

Despite of too much politics and especially during the festivals, all the breweries in the region gets invitation to attend Bruges Beer Festival. The people who attend this festival vote for their favorite beer each year and this time you can also be the one to taste and vote for your favorite beer.


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