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Head to Head: How Multinationals And Indie Brewers Are Competing?

Brewing is a business loved by many because it involves sharing. The craft breweries build good relations with their customers as well as the brewers they do business with. They swap recipes and ideas and in difficult times, they share the sources, thoughts, etc. by grouping together.

With time, the sales of global beer have decreased and the sales of microbreweries has increased. There are different factors behind it such as roots, quality of beer, and most importantly the demand of Beer lovers for something different.

If the condition of last five years is considered in UK, the number of breweries has increased from 1,250 to more than 2,000. The advice to those who want to build the new brewery is that they should double the size which they have initially planned and if possible, treble the capacity. This is because owners of small businesses should think big. The current problem in beer industry is that the big multinational companies have started thinking small.

The Global companies like AB InBev, Carlsberg, Asahi, and Molson have started purchasing craft breweries and placed them on their distribution channels. This has brought a big challenge for independent brewers and this has potentially brought down the price of beer they are producing, and finally, it makes harder for them to do the business.

The small entrepreneurs are facing big problems. It was never more important for the independent brewers to come together and support one another. The situation is that the smaller independent brewers are outgunned by the big ones, but they are not accepting it and most of them are making an effort to fight back.

A big fightback strategy can be to tell their stories because to compete and to survive, it is must. Small brewers should utilize social media to express themselves. They should talk about the ingredients or the stories behind the business. And the small entrepreneurs should never be afraid or hesitate in speaking out their mind. People are always ready to listen. Suppose that you want to lower down the production of your beer, then you can publish a blog outlining the causes behind the decision of lowering down the production volume of beer. You will get plenty of feedback, mostly positive.

According to the YouGov survey organized by the Society of Independent Brewers (Siba) shows that this year, most of the beer drinkers wanted to know whether the beer they are drinking is made by some big multinational company or by an autonomous craft brewer. The approval seal by Siba on the beer bottles, pump clips and the beer cans is an effective way with which the original craft breweries can provide the customers the option to strengthen small breweries.

Multinational companies have every measure to emulate small craft brewers in labelling as well as marketing. Therefore, the independent brewers should shout loudly so that people can know that they are real and they exist. They still have few things which big multinational companies will find hard to build – real communities which know them, support them and love what they do.

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