Leidsch Bier

Preparations for Leidsch Bier started in 2003. Before that, owner / brewer JW Fukkink had been active as an amateur brewer since 2000. A self-developed recipe for a blond beer (called 'Slim Blondje') scored very well with family and friends.

With the introduction of Leidsch Blond (in April 2004) the official start was a fact. Leidsch Dubbel (the second beer) followed in April 2007. Initially as a one-off brew but later also in the assortment. On the occasion of the first anniversary, Leidsch Weizen (beer # 3) was introduced in April 2009.

With the involvement of an own business building (mid 2010) and obtaining the brew / excise license (May 2011), there was finally a real beer brewery in Leiden.

The history of beer and beer brewing in Leiden is of course much older. From the recent past (late 20th century) we know the 'Goeie Mie' beer, the 'Leids peipie'. and the 'Leidsch Lakenbier'. The last brewery in Leiden, De Posthoorn brewery, was located at the Oude Vest and closed its doors nearly a hundred years ago (in 1918).

In the past, Leiden has had several beer breweries within its city walls. There are many references to this in the city center.

Be sure to read the description of the Leiden brewery world in the Middle Ages: Beer in medieval Leiden, by Rudolph Ladan.

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