Malheur Brewery

The story behind the brewery begins with ancestor Balthazar De Landtsheer, who was born in Baasrode in 1773 and founded the "Half Moon" brewery. His son, Eduard De Landtsheer, born in 1808 and former mayor of Baasrode, took over the helm.

In 1839, his grandson, Emmanuel De Landtsheer, took over in the existing tanning farm brewery '' t Meuleke 'in Baasrode-Zuid. He changed the name to "Brewery The Sun" (hence the orange house color). The farm was so successful that the farm was dumped over time and beer brewing became the main activity.

Both during World War I and World War II, the brewing activity was temporarily discontinued.
In anticipation of better times, Emmanuel De Landtsheer switched from "brewing" to "bottling and beer trading" when the pils, which he could not brew himself in his brewery, became popular. He became Depositary for the Mechelse Brewery Lamot and Westmalle Trappist Brewery and, among others, Importer for Pilsener Urquell. His son Adolf followed him and was also mayor of 33 years, though from Buggenhout.

In August 1997, the old brewery of De Landtsheer was reopened in the Buggenhout Mandekensstraat (Baasrode-Zuid) by Manu De Landtsheer, son of Adolf, under the name "Malheur Brewery". Thus, the family brewery tradition was honored. Manu Landtsheer had three goals in mind:

- create a unique and original beer brand
- to determine the taste and the ingredients themselves
- export and sales on European markets and in the States.

The name "Malheur" has not been "accidentally" chosen. A market research revealed that "Malheur" is experienced as a very dubious name, with pleasant connotations, in short, a name that will continue to paste for a long time.

Malheur Brewery is an independent, family brewery.
Witnesses of the rich past are the old vaulted cellar of the brewery and the antique cooling ship, a shallow sink bowl in which the wort was poured to cool down quickly.

The blond Malheur beers are brewed according to an old and classic method, with barley, hops and yeast, but they are using state-of-the-art equipment. The brown Malheur beers are brewed according to an old Flemish method with hops and herbs.

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