Our mission is pretty much monomaniacal: to brew f*cking good beer. We call it craft-y beer because the owl’s got a sharp, uncompromised tongue and a penchant for mischief. On a typical day we toy with the familiar – unfiltered lager, silky heffeweizen and puckery American IPA, anyone? – but at night we explore the crafty beer extremes from our medieval watering hole Haarlem (That’s Haarlem with two ‘a’s, the Dutch one, and the namesake of New York’s single-‘a’ed Harlem).

Really truly, our idea of fun is abusing the rauchbeer-Scotch ale-sour beer-oak-aged Imperial Stout-Barley wine clichés. The first rule of owl school: when using hops think in wheelbarrows and not buckets.

Late 2015 we started building our new production brewery which was up and running at full speed September 2016. Our brewery is a 40HL -4 vessel system with 11 fermenters with a capacity between 30 and 120HL per vessel. Our bottling and kegging machine are purchased to minimise oxygen pick up and threat those IPA’s in the best way possible!

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