Mid 2012 Jasper and Jeroen KOMPAAN will start as an official company! The first batches of the Hopped Blond are brewed, then only known as the Kompaan 20 (recipe number 20, now known as Kompaan 20 Ally). Because of the good reactions, the beer was sold out quickly. In addition to the hoppy blond, the current Kompaan 070 Comrade and Kompaan 45 Vrijbuiter are also introduced. A good reception in a growing beer market results in the scaling up of our volumes.

In 2013, Jasper will quit his job and will be the first fulltime job for KOMPAN. KOMPAAN is becoming better known in the beer market and the demand for our beer continues to grow. In this year our "Core-Range" is completed, with the addition of the Kompaan 58 Handlanger and the Kompaan 39 Blood Brother the five-player is complete. For the first time, our successful Kompaan Beer festival takes place on the grounds of the F.A.S.T. Surf Village: the "Kompaan bierFASTival".

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